Meet Jordan Copeland

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Jordan Copeland, is the first black male model to walk for Burberry. He has also walked for Louis Vutitton and Roberto Cavalli. Jordan 6’3 from

Rihanna – The New Balmain Women

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RIH GIRL * Oliver Rousteing.   Well, let me just say before Rihanna was the face/ The New Balmain Girl. I was already in love

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs Goodman.

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  Scatter My Ashes At  Bergdorf’s  Goodman So, If you don’t know Bergdorf Goodman is the basically nirvana, paradise or as some might say heaven.

Saint Laurents bulging new ads.

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  Hedi Strikes Again.  Let’s just Hedi’s getting a little ballsy, from dropping the L from the moment he got the rains and taking Yves’

The Entity that is Joan Smalls

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Joan touting all the way from brazil is just that girl of the moment. In beyonce’s yonce and asap rockys scorned dasmal in Suddnely. She

Louis Vuitton* Nicholas Ghesquiere

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  Louis Vuitton announced on Twitter that Nicholas Ghesquiere pass ruler of Balenciaga will in fact take the throne as the new artistic director succeeding

Azealia Banks – ATM Jam

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ATM JAM – Azealia Banks sO, I admit I  wasn’t a fan of this when in it  first came out and still not with that