Azealia Banks – ATM Jam

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ATM JAM – Azealia Banks

sO, I admit I  wasn’t a fan of this when in it  first came out and still not with that eye shadow like girl what are you doing? I was so confused I seriously was like this ain’t Ms. Chocolate deluxe. I missed the whole intro and I’m a huge Azealia fan. I love this long haired Kunt, this bitch and she just seemed so toned down. It’s just not my typical girl ZZ Banks who I fucking adore. She started to show herself when she stated grooving and outfit to black and white star pants and took a comb to hair. I love her long weave lol but this just isn’t it for me. I just know my girl has more than that. Hey, but did you notice how this bitch is up in the pool scene and didn’t get that weave wet J brown bitch.  Still love her though even when shes not at her best.




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