Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs Goodman.

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Scatter My Ashes At  Bergdorf’s  Goodman

So, If you don’t know Bergdorf Goodman is the basically nirvana, paradise or as some might say heaven.  Right in the very beginning we are greeted by fashion icons such as Issac Mizraih, Michael Kors, Oscar DeLa Renta and Karl Lagerfield. Scatter My Ashes takes you inside and behind the history of  Bergdorf’s. How Dawn Mellow found Mr. Kors doing windows, you also get to meet personal shopping legend rumored to have a HBO series about her which Lena Dunham is throwing some creative energy but you fall in love with Betty’s out spoken persona  and taste for lavish thing.


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Then we got the cool girl, the lady that holds the stamp of approval Linda Fargo. She put it very frank that there is a certain astechic, brand and what it means to be a “Bergdorf’s worthy designer”.  This movie is truly fantastic giving this inside look of what makes Bergdorf’s tick and what the iconic windows mean to them and rest of world.  You seriously much watch because words just can’t do it justice. So much fashion jammed into a hour.








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