YungRapunxel – Azealia Banks Official Video

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Danger! Danger! Danger!!  Yo man, Azealia doesn’t give a fuck she gonna come out and pop’s her shit. On GeorgeFM In The Morning she said it was like dark twisted sister of famous track “212” but bitch really downplayed it.  I mean like, girl just goes so fucking hard. Seriously, “bitch nigga, you can bent.” Jumping around, swing her mane and showing them pearly whites. She is so freaking gorgeous.

Seriously, I mean was sitting here smiling and drooling and then I would just be bouncing in my chair. I just fucking love this bitch. I mean from the teaser video she put up was just not enough! I could just tell it was about to be some shit with them mouth eyes, Madonna. I played the video sat there and replayed it and so on for like ten times yesterday. I love, love, love YungZZ girl. She is totally original and beyond sensational Ms. Young Banks took to years to write this sick, slick -sadistic shit. It was only right that I took to twitter and insta expressing my love for this track and my girl ZZ  but the whole time  not mention I was kinda stale, salty, sad however might say because Azealia Banks followed my little sister on twitter and this bitch(me) was over here and still is so jelly because I was there from the beginning, I am a real fan, a real Kunt! But it’s whatever and  and THE BOTTOM LINE IS  YungRapunxel is OFFICIAL, album is on it’s way and she, Ms. Banks is here, is here to stay.




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