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The youngest, “returning newbie” Earl Sweatshirt comes back spitting “hot fire” along with fellow “wild nigga” (like were watching national geographic or something)  Tyler The Creator. I mean it seriously kills me when they are dancing around with the middle aged ballerina, like what? Earl, man, your so awkward.  In that little popsicle colored shirt.  Wolf Haley- Tyler The Creator is rumored to directed the video. I love the whole 90’s. grungy rap vibe. The first record to coin the phrase “that old fuckin’ 2010 shit” which they are not (odd future), is not “on that old fucking 2010 shit” because even back then weren’t because they have and been sticking to their own aesthetic.  People are just shocked because it’s totally different “vibe” then  his premier  well known, main-stream song Chum but still that shit was “sinister.” I think it’s fair and only right to call these guy’s trendsetters. Earl’s album “Doris” is suppose to be out this later this year and Tyler’s new album “Wolf” will be dropping April 2nd.

Whoa – Earl Sweatshirt Ft. Tyler The Creator.


Seriously, I knew it was gonna be some “shit” when seeing Flying Lotus tweet about it.

Speaking of Daddy Lotus (Flying Lotus) -Earl Sweatshirt premiers three new songs, Burgundy, Hive and Guild along with Mac Miller at Flying Lotus Show in L.A.


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