Sing the Psalms of Som.

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Peter, Peter Som that is, will be in fact returning to the runway after previously stated that he wouldn’t be showing a collection this season. Som, will be actually presenting his Fall 2013 Collection but not the typical way, not at New York Fashion Week. Instead the designer choose a more expandable, reachable approach and guess what, we’re all invited. KDC Worldwide a international known Fashion Public Relations and Production agency launched a new platform last year that was only  for industry professionals which is now made public. On Friday February 13th, at 9 a.m.EST  Peter’s show will be digitally streaming but the icing on the cake is that we get exclusive interviews and extras straight from the designer.

Personally, I’m totally dyke for Mr. Som, I met him, well took his seminar at Teen Vogue Fashion U. He was really personable the experiences he shared with us from customers over ordering, family drama, little details from his life, he talked with us not at us and shared how he’s still in learning process as well. But the thing that I loved most about his seminar is how he see’s his customer, how he know who she is and what’s he’s comfortable with. You know chic, raw, edgy is the new thing and he just describes his customer as someone dreamy, romantic, modern with a twist and I totally agree that and feel like he’s capitalizing on that with going the digital route, if anything it will be excellent marketing tool by engaging fans, creating more traffic expands customers.

Once again, Friday, February 13th, 2013 at 9 a.m. EST #PeterSom

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