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 Rihanna 4 River Island



River Island is a British high street style fashion company has teamed up with Rihanna for their Autumn-Winter collection -2013-2014.  The collection inspired by rihanna’s own personal style and mood but then again by street kids, street fashion like things you’ll find on Tumblr and Lookbook but most of all her fans. Rihanna say’s how she feel likes all the high end designers are influenced and inspired by these street fashion and that’s very similar to what Anna said in the September Issue & In Vogue on Hbo. The inspiration alone is enough to sale you on this collection. Rihanna already a musical phenomena and style icon keeps reaching new heights.



Rihanna and her Personal Stylist/Co-Designer of this River Island capsule collection Adam Selman really had our hopes up because the collection didn’t turn out as planned, well maybe it did but it’s just not “Fashion Week” worthy.  I mean like the world of fashion isn’t nice no matter who you are. The collection was more of maybe for a tour/concert type of show not something a women or person could wear everyday. There were you could see more of the “alternative” labeled girl wearing here in america.  And that’s exactly it and why I feel like the collection is being slammed here in the states. Us as American’s always feel the need to categorize something.  The blogs, press, media  are ripping this collection apart describing it as “to nineties”, “to risque” only for the girl that has that “figure” but why does it have to be in a special niche? It isn’t like Oscar Del La Renta and you’re wearing it head to toe.

Rihanna For River Island is something you would mix around in your wardrobe  something that you would wear on a night you wanted to be daring, something bold. Yes, I apart of the Navy, Rihanna Navy so this might be a little bias but I’m not telling you to love it or hate it. I’m just saying appreciate it that there is a collection out there that can make you feel….. bad.



My Favorite Looks/Wearable Looks

I love this because i feel elements of grunge

I love this because i feel elements of grunge

i love this it's we found love meets what's my name.

i love this it’s we found love meets what’s my name.

I love the print and it just feels lollapalooza or coachella inspired.

I love the print and it just feels lollapalooza or coachella inspired.

2-19-2013 9-45-19 AM

The pants very Stella if you ask me, i see mixing this in with some lace or leather.

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