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So, everyone has opinion about these two being on the cover of Vogue. I think it’s actually fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of Kim and admire the way she always bounces back from whatever the media has to say about her.  Plus, when it comes to fashion I feel like Kim totally has style. We both share the love of a nice Blazer. I honestly feel in love with her more after reading her Vogue piece – Keeping Up with Kimye by Hamlish Bowels. She talks about her love for the late great Elizabeth Taylor and her prized jewels then go’s on to talk about young Kris and her love for Moshcino and Chanel.

Leave to Vogue to make you fall in love with her all over again, well them (Kim & Kayne) I should say. Kayne speaks on how Kim is dream girl and how he believes his “dream girl” should live in a perfect world. That was just adorable to me. In this piece I got a real since of Kayne who is, describing his creative mindset as a “sonic painting” and his life as one giant art he tells to Hamlish.

It was very down to earth, family ordinated, but Kayne does get Vogue to use the pharse “turn up” when speaking on wedding venues and ideas. Overall it was okay, photos by Annie Leibovitz, and it was Grace’s idea.



Kim in Alexander McQueen Ivory Feathered Dress.


* Kayne On Sonic Painting

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