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Earl is here and he is kickin it like Bruce Lee. Youngest of  odd future his with a couple different flares on this album from real mellow rap then to his weird dark lo-fi style of rhyming that he is known for. Doris has appearances from  Frank Ocean, Mac Miller and Domo.  Which all have a very different styles or flows if you should say.  I wasn’t expecting  so much variety of style I thought I would be more dark like Tyler who makes a couple guess appearances as well but more like Tyler album wolf.

I find Earl along with Tyler kinda comical maybe it’s me because I’m  find joy in weird places or dry sarcasm.




Earl SweatShirt – Hive

Earl Sweatshirt – WHOA



Earl Sweatshirt – Doris Tracklist

1. Pre (ft. SK La’ Flare)
2. Burgundy (ft. Vince Staples)
3. 20 Wave Caps (ft. Domo Genesis)
4. Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)
5. Hive (ft. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies)
6. Chum
7. Sasquatch (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
8. Centurion (ft. Vince Staples)
9. 523
10. Uncle Al
11. Guild (ft. Mac Miller)
12. Molasses (ft. RZA)
13. Whoa (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
14. Hoarse
15. Knight (ft. Domo Genesis)

**Must Have Track  2.) Burgundy Ft Vince Staples, 4.) Sunday Ft. Frank Ocean 05) .Hive and 13.) Whoa

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