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Baths, I don’t even know where to begin. Is enough to say that he gives me electric orgasms or is clear enough just to say I’m in love?



So listen, my journey  with Will (because we are on first name basis, ya bish.) all started with Lovely Bloodflow and not the actual song. Well, the actual song but the music video.  My friend is the one who introduced or should I say enlightened me on this lovely video. She was just so transfixed by this lady, this lady who is mother nature and  in fact is kinda pissed off.  So of course we YouTube it and she just steady saying “just watch, tell me what you think of this bitch?” and literally it starts and I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up then the beat comes in and grin stretches across my face and I say “haven’t seen her yet but this is fucking amazing.” and that all happen in the first 15 seconds with out seeing the mystical creatures and blue smoke.

Lovely BloodFlow:

But the topper on the cake that night was Plea. I mean man come on that was musical earwax dessert and it fucking sank to the bottom of my heart. I just don’t know man this just really jells. I just love the song of his voice. I don’t even know how to describe the way I personally feel about this track. I’m totally in love with this artist because it doesn’t matter if  I am pissed, upset  or happy I can say without a doubt turn on Baths and be totally content and check my life. I feel like he is so versatile, so multi- dimensional he is able to capture various emotions and put them into a wonderful arrangement.  Literally was  just talking about this tonight and the only artists that I know that can do that  can do that for me is Edward Sharpe, Sigur Ros, The Album Leaf, Mum and now Baths.


Yeah, So Obsidian….


Obsidian, didn’t  really like it at first.  Now here’s the thing Obsidian came out May 28th and I had tickets to see him June 8th here in Detroit at The Magic Stick. We went in and couldn’t check in yet so we bullshitted outside trying to avoid and make eye contact with the bum who was in dirty brown suite and black shoes.  And I know… wtf right? But that isn’t out of that normal in a Detroit concert. So, we see Baths  arrive in some shorty-shorts, sliver i believe Mercedes Mini -Van and head into the venue and we followed.  I’m still like not believing my life, like believing that he was here. I was over joyous to say the least.  After getting our admission all together up stairs we come back down, who do we see? Baths big ol’ ass trying to get some cookies and trading with his own merchandise stickers. ( big ol  girl is a barter.)


After he was done bartering he was through the sweets, we seized the day and introduced ourselves since no else was. Which I couldn’t believe because he was standing right there and so were about 15-20 other people right there but anyways we meet his band mates, took some pictures got some signed merch like seriously it was all gravy in the navy till i had to open my mouth and push my luck and ask about the damn lineup or set list or whatever you wanna call it. He responded with “it’s gonna be mostly the new stuff Obsidian.” I was like  Oh that’s not good. No Nordic Laurels, Seaside Town or Departures or even Plea? His response was plain as day “No man, I’m sorry but it’s still gonna be good.” Good, I just wanted to die. This is suppose to be amazing and I’m suppose to hear Plea and dance my ass off and recover from Sigur Ros.


But it was all fine, everything was more than what I hoped for. Baths is totally beyond amazing and Obsidian is a totally must have for the summer for me anyways. It’s just a very versatile & honest album and I will be totally waiting to cash my bet this will be the best album of the summer hands down. Some critics are saying like darker rock version of  The Postal Service and I do not get how they get that they are like in way two different lanes. This album will make you think out of the box and wonder what he is he actually sing about, thinking or feeling and then again it could be as blunt  as a message as in No Eyes  or Incompatible. He did and close the show with Plea and let me tell you a girl was drenched! It was the best thing to happen to me in a long, long , long time. Listening to it on Spotify or myIpod isn’t the  same, it’s more like a trigger for me to start this mental and emotional trip and plus every hair on my body is raised and I get goosebumps and the chill, not joshing ya either. It truly was amazing. I can’t wait till he returns to us here in the dirty glove.




Obsidian Tracklist:

01. Worsening
02. Miasma Sky
03. Ironworks
04. Ossuary
05. Incompatible
06. No Eyes
07. Phaedra
08.  No Past Lives
09. Earth Death
10. Inter

* favorite tracks – 01. worsening, 02. miasma sky , 05. incompatible 07. phaedra 08. no past lives 09. earth death

** must have tracks – 08. no past lives ( your live won’t be complete without it.)





Cerulean Tracklist: 

01.  Apologetic Shoulder Blades
02. Lovely Bloodflow
03.  Maximalist
04.  â™Ľ
05.  Animals
06. Rafting Starlit Everglades
07. Hall
08. You’re My Excuse to Travel
09. Rain Smell
10. Indoorsy
11. Plea
12.  Departure

*favorite tracks – 02. lovely bloodflow, 05. animals, 07. hall 09. rain smell 10. indoorsy, 11. plea  and 12. departure

** must have tracks 09. rain smell 11. plea and 12. departure.




Pop Music / False B-Sides – Tracklist:

01. Pop Song

02. Overseas

03. Nordic Laurel

04. Turian Courtship

05. Somerset

06. Seaside Town

07. Tatami

08. Flux

09. Stupor

10. Iniuria Palace

11. Lovesick Synthetic

12. The Vapors

13. Damnation


* favorite tracks – 03. nordic laruels , 06. seaside town 07. tatami and 11. lovesick synthetic

***must have track –  06. seaside town

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