Azealia Bank- Harlem Shake Remix

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I’m absolutely, utterly in love with Azealia Banks.  Ms. Banks  Harlem, New York Native , 21 years old who has notably rose to fame with her hit single, YouTube video 212 Ft. Lazy J that was later featured on her EP 1991 that was followed up with a mix-tape Fantasea which was  so quote on quote “KUNT” it’s definitely something that music industry has been missing.  Azealia  signed with Interscope records where we are still awaiting her first studio album Broke Bitch With Expensive Taste which she gave us a little sample of with single/download of BBD, Bad Bitches Do It. Young ZZ is gem plain in simple. 


Well Azealia Banks  just released her take on the hot track Harlem Shake naming it Harlem Shake Remix which was released to the mermaids (fans) on Valentine’s Day. It was looked like something that she just threw together. You know, just chilling listen to song and was like “I’m about to hop on that” because I know her personally. But bitch goes in with her hello kitty brush and her mermaid snap-back, okay. Baauer whom originally produced the track started a bunch of rubbish with your girl Ms. Banks about her spin on the track.  Trying to get it removed from soundcloud, telling “it’s not your song and so forth and this bitch Azealia is gonna stand behind her work, called a “cock-block” and shit like that plus on top of that he said she could.

i'm glad i got it when i did.

i’m glad i got it when i did.


Anyways, could’ve been done right there but who other than the queen himself, messy ol’ bitch- ass Perez Hilton jumps into the ring give his old random ass two sense like you’re ass is washed. I mean, I’m sitting her giving my opinion but still in my mind I’m like “who the hell is Perez?” This guy made a career out of drawing penis, dicks, and coke splatters on celebs pictures. I’m mean you have no artistic say so or no what so ever. He always looks importantly tacky, remember when he went through that streak with pink hair or whatever….. mess! Ugh, I can’t stand the kid. Ms. Banks calling him a fag, faggot shouldn’t matter. He’s a queen and as gay man myself i would fucking call him one too. I mean people toss around bro and bitch, mutherfucker, and shit like that so she called him a faggot get the fuck over it. To me honestly coming from a women who obviously loves her gays ( once again, I’ll reference Fierce off her free mix-tape Fantasea )but coming for her it’s equivalent to calling a woman a bitch and no that’s not okay but people tolerate it, it’s not a hate-crime. It’s all in the epshaisms you say the word and where it’s coming from.  For me being black someone could be like ” heyyy nigga”or “hey nigga”.   BUT one thing it’s doesn’t change the fact that her new video/song was the shit! #Kuntbrigade

 Harlem Shake Remix – Azealia Banks #LongHairDontCare #Rapunzel



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