Angel Haze – Drunk In Love (Cover)

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Detroiter – Angel Haze  puts her own spin on Beyoncé Drunk In Love that features her husband Jay- Z which the two performed at the Grammy’s that was very interesting. But Angel take a very dark apporach on BBC1, showing her remastering skills like she chopping up Jay- Z’s verse and adding some sneering and  percussion. She put a very unclean, earthy street flow on track with the back up singer with this big raspy voice. set the tone.  Her album Dirty Gold came out December 16th that has numerous tracks that back up her skills among them one of my fav’s Echolon that all show she is no other than a force to be reckon with. I love how see isn’t afraid to get on someone track and tear to pieces such as she did on Blackskinhead and  Wreaking  Ball and many others. Angel Haze is without a doubt pure gold hailing all the way from Detroit.


Angel Haze – Drunk In Love BBC Radio’s 1Xtra Live Lounge

Additional Cover  – Angel Haze

Cleaning Out My Closet (Eminem Cover) – Angel Haze

 Same Love (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)  – Angel Haze

Summertime Saddnes (Lana Del Rey Cover) – Angel Haze

Black Skin Head ( Kanye West Cover) – Angel Haze


Angel Haze – Dirty Gold




Dirty Gold Track list :

1. “Sing About Me”
2. “Echelon (It’s My Way)”
3. “A Tribe Called Red”
4. “Deep Sea Diver”
5. “Synagogue”
6. “Angel + Airwaves”
7. “April’s Fools”
8. “White Lillies / White Lies”
9. “Battle Cry”
10. “Black Dahlia”
11. “Planes Fly”
12. “Dirty Gold”

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